Hourglass Unlimited Productions is the brainchild of authors Curtis Alcutt and Deatri King-Bey. The two formed a partnership that brought to life the dangerously sexy suspense series Black Widow and the Sandman.

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.


Black Widow And The Sandman

Black Widow and the Sandman: 
A mysterious illness is killing children in Cuba, and all indicators point to a terrorist organization being behind it. Black Widow, a drop dead gorgeous scientific genius, and the Sandman, a mercenary the likes you’ve never seen, are brought in to do what government and scientific channels have failed to do — find a cure and stop those behind the plot. View Trailer on YouTube
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Hell Hath No Fury Cover

Hell Hath No Fury: What happens when the heart’s desire of the most dangerous assassin on the planet is stolen from him? Roman “Sandman” Tate does not take it well. Not at all.

The anguish of not being able to stop the kidnapping of his dangerously-sexy counterpart, Jeanette “Black Widow” Mason, is only half the story. The Black Widow has her own brand of fury to unleash on those unfortunate enough to violate her world.

Discover just how risky it is to disturb her web.

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Danger lurks around every corner in this dangerously-sexy suspense series

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